Noida has seen a big change ever since the time it was developed as an industrial town. Located in the outskirts of Delhi, it became a fast developing part of the National Capital Region. This has changed the town completely and now it’s a sought after city steaming with new investments. A number of companies have already opened their offices in the region and others are set to come in. 

Noida is well connected to Delhi through the Metro and buses that are run by the Delhi Transport division. The infrastructure is well developed though the previously developed areas might be a bit congested. Noida is also connected to Greater Noida via the upscale and well maintained Noida – Greater Noida expressway. A number of companies are known to set up their offices in the SEZ areas in Noida. When compared to the other cities of Delhi NCR, Noida still sits in the affordable range and is also brimming with admirable housing and residential projects. 

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With the metro line being expanded and the expressways connecting the city, it is the right time to own a flat at Noida. The area has an inventory of residential projects being developed by well known developers like Supertech, Amrapali, Mahagun, Wave etc. in popular localities. Some of the top localities of Noida are:

  •  Noida Extension
  • Sector 74 to Sector 79
  • Noida - Greater Noida Expressway
  • Greater Noida
  • Yamuna Expressway

Some of the best flats in Noida are found along the Noida – Greater Noida expressway and in Noida extension. While many projects are under construction a number of them are ready to move in. Owing to the various development and IT companies coming up in the area, Noida is bound to see great returns on investment and property would undergo great value appreciation. Currently property is available at a price range of Rs 2946 to Rs 5903 per square feet, which is set to rise in the near future. The operational F1 track on the Yamuna Expressway and the proposed development of the Delhi Mumbai corridor, the area will see some major investment coming its way.
Noida is one of the prime cities in the National Capital Region of India. Initially, the city made its name as an industrial powerhouse. However, in recent years, Noida’s development has seen the city become more than what it used to be. A lot of IT companies have made their entry, which has brought more prosperity to the city as a whole.
Recent real estate market trends signal the coming of a lot of mixed-use properties. Mixed-use properties aim to combine the benefits of both commercial and residential spaces. A lot of property developers are assessing their options in this regard as the market for conventional projects have fallen flat recently.

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Some of the advantages that should make mixed-use properties great successes are:
·         All Conveniences: Mixed-use properties have not fared too badly in most parts of the world. The primary advantage of a mixed-use property is that it features all sorts of conveniences in one space. Imagine a 2 BHK flat for sale along with commercial establishments in the same space. First and foremost, it saves up a lot of time in buying daily items, and secondly, it saves a lot of money that would be otherwise spent on travelling from one place to another.

·         Faster Appreciation: Appreciation is one of the most cherished wordsin the real estate market, and a flat in Noida for sale will generate more funds if it is a part of a mixed-use property. The added conveniences will inevitably have a lasting impact on the price of the apartment, and for investors looking for great returns on investment, mixed-use properties are the way forward.

·         Self-Sustaining: A mixed-use property project has the capacity to sustain itself no matter what the outside world is doing. The demand for residential properties in that space will always be high because of the amenities available alongside it. The continuous exchange of funds between the various spaces in the project will keep all the properties in good financial shape.

Most mixed-use projects are being developed on the fringes of most of the cities as the space required is immense. With proper foundations in place, it seems that mixed-use properties are here to stay.
There is a ray of hope for the common man who wants to buy a property in Noida. There are numerous affordable land in Noida for sale. The main reason is the role of real estate players who are taking positive steps towards offering decent property investments at reasonable prices. You can affordable plots, lands and residential property in the extended vicinity of this city.

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Well, there are localities in Noida that are still under the process of transformation; these include the Noida Extension, Greater Noida and Noida Expressway. In Noida, you can find affordable residential land for sale offered by several developers. It is really remarkable that a lot of real estate agents are providing amazing opportunities to property investors and buyers. The land rates in Noida are the best when compared to the other NCR localities like Gurgaon. Hence, top real estate developers are eyeing Noida and launching several projects of world class caliber to boost the growth and development of this city as well as offer a range of housing options for the people here.

There are too many companies interested in buying land in and around Noida and these companies have a development plan. They plan to construct various projects such as serviced apartments, shopping complexes, malls, modern entertainment centres, amusement parks, and residential projects. As the need for single bedroom and double bedroom houses is always on the rise, these developers target the middle income group. They offer modern housing units in the affordable price range. What’s more, they also help buyers by facilitating finance options. Most middle income buyers depend on the bank loan to buy a house or plot. Good news for this kind of buyers is that recently, the RBI has reduced the repo rate for home loans by 0.25%, making the payment of EMIs more feasible. This will surely encourage more and more people to invest in property.

Before buying a land or property in Noida, you have to be sure about certain things. It is ideal to deal with a reputed builder or real estate agent for the purpose. Make sure you check all the documents with the help of legal advisor before making the purchase.

One of the locations where people can find affordable flats and houses and other real estate properties in Delhi is Noida. But there are considerations before going for any such property in Noida.

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Before one buys a flat or home in Noida, it is necessary for them to know about what they are going to pay. At times some unscrupulous builders may charge much more than what was originally negotiated between the buyer and seller on the pretext of “farmer compensation charge” and the “labor welfare charge”. This can easily defeat the entire process of buying affordable 2 BHK flats for sale in Noida as they may not be as affordable as one might think.

Hence while buying 2 BHK flats in Noida or any real estate properties, it is necessary for the buyer to find out a company that would only charge whatever was agreed upon between them and the buyer. Buyers need to ascertain and ensure that builders of agents do not ask for anything extra as hidden executive charges.

The requirement for the buyer is to find out reliable and reputable builder who would charge a reasonable rate, such as, electric and water supply, and not like farmers or labor welfare.

Usually the built up area of the 2 BHK flats that are available at affordable prices in Noida are in the range of 800-1150 square feet. There are many flats for new booking, in different stages of construction and there are others which are ready to move. There are many multistoried buildings all around in Noida where the flats are available on different floors. These structures have elevators for reaching the higher floors. 2 BHK flats generally comprise of two bedrooms a hall and a kitchen. Two attached bathrooms are common feature of most 2BHK flats these days.

Real estate properties in Noida are popular because of the strategic location of the place and quality construction of the flats available at affordable prices. Moreover, the metro connectivity with Delhi is also an added advantage for buying property in Noida.
Noida, located in UP is one of the major IT hubs of India. Many studies and forecasts have gone on to claim that Noida may very soon be a kin to Bangalore in terms of development and growth of an IT sector. With the development of an IT sector, Noida has been witnessing a good demand for a modern residential base. Award ceremonies conducted by various establishments have seen the city being crowned as the best place for housing and real estate activities.

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Such remarkable progress has drawn a lot of admirers to the city. Now, people are not only keen on buying residential but are also interested in commercial plots in Noida, as they see its promising future.

As with all other Indian cities, there are a few things to look out before the deal for a plot is finalized. Let’s get to know the check list before you decide to buy a plot in Noida

·         Perform a legal check: Buying a commercial plot is a serious affair from a legal perspective as well. You might get into a legal entanglement if the plot of land has a dubious legal history. Clear out everything beforehand so that you don’t get into trouble later. Getting all papers thoroughly checked through your legal advisor is advisable.

·        Checking the owner’s history: Commercial plot sellers may have an excellent track record. It may also be dismal history at times. You should do everything you can to have a decent idea of what the owner’s history.

·      Considering the future of location: Commercial plots should be generally purchased keeping in mind the expected commercial development in the given area in future. If you think and have it backed by some market search that the area is likely to develop commercially, your investment can give good returns. Do not fall prey to false claims and exaggerated view of the sellers or real estate brokers.

Visit property listings: Property listings for commercial property can give you an idea of the rates in different sectors. You can also find few important factors by discussing with sellers. Once decided, you can concentrate on possibilities of negotiation.

Are you looking for 1 BHK flats in Uttar Pradesh’s rapidly developing and in-demand satellite city, Noida? Then why not book now. Noida enjoys great connectivity, brags of a superlative road network and has emerged as one of the hotspots for both IT and non-IT enabled services to set up their companies here. With a rapid growth in the number of multinational firms and growing commerce in the city, the demand for housing has amplified considerably. Hence seeing a billboard or advertisements in newspapers saying 1 BHK flats for sale in Noida is not at all surprising.

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The sudden increase in employment opportunities in the city has boosted the property market in the city. Healthy civic facilities and social infrastructure consisting of good educational institutions, hospitals, shopping complexes, parks, etc. has given a steady push to the realty market in Noida. In fact, the property market in Noida has seen a sudden boom in the last 7-10 years; as more and more people working in and around the city prefer to live here. Due to the growing demand for accommodation, there is an increase in residential projects in both affordable and luxury segment. Hence, finding a spacious 1 BHK flats in Noida or a 2/3 BHK within a stipulated budget along with excellent amenities like power backup, security, club house, parking, lift, intercom, gymnasium, etc. is very much attainable. 

Noida currently is not only a great hub for people seeking work opportunities, but also a steadily growing real property market. With the realty prices still being moderately lower than prime cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and the city presenting several completed/on-going infrastructure projects (including the prestigious Yamuna Expressway), Noida only showcases the growth prospect and the demand of this region in realty market in near future. This kind of attractive growth rate and better return on investment cannot be expected in prime but saturated cities of India, giving both experienced and new investors and buyers a wonderful opportunity for investment. 

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On the whole, with the population in Noida rising every year, the demand for Noida Flats is growing and the realty market showcasing a good appreciation, investing in small studio apartment or 1 BHK flats in Noida only seems a lucrative deal in the long run.

Real estate investment is always considered the most attractive investment avenue, but as it requires a huge outflow of cash, one should give it a serious thinking and research. It is important that investors or home buyers thoroughly investigate the current scenario of the real estate before making a commitment. Most of the people want to put their hard earned money in a place which has consistency growth and Noida suits the bill well.

Noida, a planned township has gone through a paradigm shift in the last few years. Today, it houses more than 5000 industrial units, which is an employment source for many and hence the people migrating to Noida are in lookout for residential apartments in Noida.  

Let’s look into the main reasons which make Noida a realty hot-spot.

The growing infrastructure development in Noida greatly enhances the value of a real estate property. One of the prominent infrastructure developments, today is the Expressway between Noida and Greater Noida, as it bridges the gap between these two cities. Many real estate projects have been launched after the creation of 40 sectors along this expressway.

Property valuations
Noida is an upcoming market, due to which the price levels for residential apartments for sale are relatively low when compared to Delhi. The real estate market in Delhi is saturated and price levels are high, so people look towards Noida for affordable property.  Apart from that, Noida also offers an attractive growth rate.

Future Developments
Noida is a privilege to witness various infrastructure projects happening in and around it, which gives an added boost to real estate development. The city is benefitted from the Yamuna Expressway Highway which links Delhi to Agra via Noida. As the highway is along the river Yamuna, it contributes towards the economic development of the region, which leads to the enhancement of the value of real estate properties in Noida and opens many opportunities for investment.

Good Returns
Noida mainly attracts professionals from IT industries as most of the IT companies have their development center in Noida. This city is growing with leap and bounds as well as the real estate sector. The property prices are rising by 30% annually and with such good appreciation rate, Noida is a great place for investment.
Noida is a good and an attractive investment option for new as well as seasoned investors. The well -planned sectors, 24/7 power supply, good and wide roads, and rising number of industrial and IT sectors in the city has drawn people towards it for a good investment and to earn great returns in near future.

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